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John L. Loeb, Jr. has had a distinguished career in business and finance. After graduating from Harvard Business School in 1954, John entered the Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. In 1957, he joined his family firm, Loeb, Rhoades. Despite being “the boss’s son” John worked his way up to partnership after years learning about each of the firm’s departments. He left the firm in 1975 to manage his own investments. In 1979, Shearson/American Express purchased Loeb, Rhoades.

John L Loeb Jr Memoir

Loeb, Rhoades

In 1931, John’s grandfather Carl (“C.M.”) and father founded a financial firm that became the legendary Wall Street powerhouse Loeb, Rhoades. On completing military service in 1957, John joined the firm and became a general partner in 1959. His portfolio included overseas investments. Foreseeing that changes were coming to Wall Street brokerage firms, John chose to become a limited partner in 1973. Six years later Shearson/American Express acquired Loeb, Rhoades and John’s father retired.


Seeking a tax shelter in 1971, John fortuitously purchased what came to be known as Russian Riverbend Vineyards, 150 acres of prime grape-growing land in Sonoma County, California. He hired the Ledbetter family to raise high quality grapes for sale to wineries. In 1981, with the encouragement of Prince Henrick of Denmark, he decided to produce his own wine, Sonoma-Loeb. John hired Donn and Molly Chappellet and their winemaker Philip Corralo-Titus to produce and bottle award-winning Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. In 2011, John licensed the Sonoma-Loeb brand to Chappellet Wines but retains ownership of the Russian Riverbend Vineyards.

John L. Loeb Jr.