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John L Loeb Jr - The Autobiography: Reflections, Memories, and Confessions

Ambassador Loeb’s memoir is available online and in the Apple Bookstore. Read on for details about how you can purchase your own copy.

Purchase the Memoir at Amazon.com

Ambassador Loeb’s memoir is currently available in hard copy and Kindle versions at Amazon.com.

Purchase the eBook through Apple Books

The eBook version of Ambassador Loeb’s memoir is available through Apple Books.

To purchase and download this eBook version, start the “Apple Books” or “iBook” app on your IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.). If you don’t have this app on your device, search for the “Apple Books” app in the App Store and install it. This app will appear as “Books” on your desktop. Start the “Books” app and tap the “Search” icon near the bottom right of the screen. In the “Search” field that appears near the top of the screen, type “John L Loeb”. At this point you will see an image of the cover of Ambassador Loeb’s memoir. Tap this image to purchase.

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